Teachers supporting the national education lobby’s left-wing agenda probably aren’t teaching your children, but they’re supporting Jim Hood for governor.

The National Education Association delves into virtually every left-wing political issue there is, including being fiercely pro-abortion.

The Democracy Alliance, a secretive dark-money group backed by George Soros and other liberal mega-donors pushing a left-wing agenda, has been supported by the NEA.

There probably aren’t many teachers in Philadelphia or Neshoba County who are even members of the NEA or have heard of other groups like America Votes — or know that NEA dues have helped fund that left-leaning political organization as well.

Jim Hood is a dangerous man because of the company he keeps, especially around our schools.

“Jim Hood has an expensive wish list for K-12 education that could hit taxpayers right in the wallet,” the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, a conservative, limited government advocacy group has said — and they’re exactly right!

But it gets worse. Hood would usher in Medicaid for all — under an already failed ObamaCare formula — that if it were really an option would bankrupt the state. He’s not going to save rural hospitals, he will kill them.

Hood has called for raising the gasoline tax to pay for roads while eliminating the grocery tax.

The grocery tax generates between $267 million and $315 million annually, the state Department of Revenue estimates.

Hood’s math doesn’t add up.

“Hood has proposed more than a billion dollars in new spending, and has identified no way to pay for it other than raising taxes,” a Reeves spokesman told a left-wing Jackson blog known for toting Hood’s water.

Tate Reeves is a fiscal conservative, and that’s what Mississippi needs, not a tax-and-spend Democrat like Hood.

Sadly, the construction, hospital and education lobbies are against Reeves because he has reigned in spending as Lieutenant Governor instead of raising taxes. 

Reeves has unveiled an education plan that addressed, among other things:

• Raising teacher pay

•  The teacher shortage

•  Investing in early education

“We do know that there’s not a teacher in the state that makes what they are worth,” Reeves said. “As governor, I want you to know that I’ll support our teachers.”

Reeves and every other conservative is going to work to get teacher pay up to the regional average or higher.

Hood is simply a crook in bed with the trial lawyers. 

Six months and 260 work hours after his own investigators said there was no there there, Hood re-launched a ridiculous probe attempting to tie Reeves to the widening of Lakeland Drive and a road to his home.

Hood admitted taking control and personally rewriting the report, saying, “I don’t want it to affect politics.” Immediately afterward, his campaign began running commercials using the report to attack Reeves.

Our future rests on the kind of fiscal responsibility Tate Reeves will bring along with his proven record of conservatism.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, vote Tate Reeves for Governor.