With the nation still reeling from Monday's Boston Marathon terrorist attack and the horrific images of maimed Americans on the bloodied sidewalk of a major American city, homeland security is once again a top-of-mind concern, even for the low information voters who are more familiar with "American Idol" participants than the President's cabinet.

What happened in Boston on Monday happens in Europe or Afghanistan, not America, or so we thought.

The gross politicization is unfortunate but not unexpected. Put a sock in it.

There are people, foreign and domestic, who hate what America stands for or are just plum crazy. Nobody needs to jump to any conclusions right now.

Our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers are still with the innocent souls and their families in Boston who were injured, maimed or who died in these senseless bombings.

Like the 1974 hit that Kenny Chesney and others have popularized again, "Please come to Boston," may we suggest please pray for Boston:

Please come to Boston
For the springtime
I'm stayin' here with some friends
And they've got lots of room ...

These bombings that killed at least three and injured hundreds have ended a decade without terror in U.S. But we probably would be shocked if the veil could be pulled back and we were allowed to see the terrorist plots that were thwarted.

As Psalm 91:2 says, the Lord is our defender and protector. "You are my God; in You I trust."

While this terrorist attack will no doubt lead to more discussions about choosing a totalitarian state or defending our precious liberties, we urge the latter.