Leading up to yesterday’s U.S. Senate runoff election, race was injected prominently, especially after two nooses were found by WLBT?near dawn hanging on trees outside the state Capitol Monday.

There was an initial outcry about the usual suspects donning white sheets and carrying torches most certainly trying to suppress the black vote and so on. But the trouble is, the nooses and a few protest signs were put there by Democrats intended as a “critique of racism.”

When it comes to the left’s agenda, they are strategic and ideological, so a Republican Senatorial candidate apologizing a week earlier for a distortion of her own words plays right into their old, tired narrative that all Republicans are racists.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith should have said she was offended to be labeled a racist, especially after she spent most of her adult life as a Democrat.

The Senator should have gotten angry, unequivocally denied she’s a racist, apologized for any who might be offended and told the press what a heart she has for our African-American brothers and sisters and their struggles with the repression of an entire race of human beings and how she most certainly will work for all Mississippians.

She could have thrown in that every Western movie had a hanging scene and while that may not play well with the coastal elites, she certainly wasn’t talking about lynching black people, many of whom she counts among her friends and supporters. Public hangings to punish criminals were common from the Founding up through the 1970s.

To effectively fight against the leftwing Cultural Marxism that breeds these distortions and angry mobs demanding apologies and protesting white women with nooses, things are going to have to change. 

Apologizing for a distortion of one’s own words plays right into the left’s narrative. For the left, it is strategic and ideological, and we’re going to have a hard time winning until we as conservatives learn that lesson. It’s their doctrine and dogma. 

Conservatives must learn to define who we are instead of allowing them to define us with their twisted narratives.

So, there we were again with Republicans unsurprisingly being labeled racists days before an important election. 

Remember when Ronald Reagan came to Mississippi to “wink” at the Klan in 1980? We have the recording.

That false narrative stuck and blacks for generations have believed all Republicans are racists, despite the stark contrast of our own American history and Abraham Lincoln’s role as a Republican President in ending the despicable sin of slavery. 

They will say Democrats today are the Republicans of Lincoln’s era and that is simply a lie of the left.

After all, it was U.S. Rep. William Moore McCulloch, a rock-ribbed conservative Republican from small-town Ohio, who saved the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s, even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis observed in 1971.

Calling Sen. Hyde-Smith a racist only diminishes the sacrifices and the real evil of racism that still exists that must be fought on every level. We have our own history here.

It matters not so much now what the candidate “said” because whatever she ever says the door has been flung open for ridicule. Yes, they never brought up the fact Mr. Espy has a child in an elite private school where the tuition is $18,000 a year.

You see, this wasn’t so much about the election on Tuesday, private schools or nooses — or the truth, for that matter — as it was keeping blacks voting Democrat for decades to come, especially Jim Hood for governor in 2019.

And to be sure, candidates and campaigns have to be prime-time ready to street fight with the left. There’s no excuse, but it is what it is, and Republicans had another cleanup on aisle 10.

Saving the U.S. Senate and giving President Trump the votes he needs to confirm Supreme Court justices and other nominees was at stake.

With the election over, perhaps there can be a discussion, but just turn on the television and look at all the vitriol.

“We’re hanging nooses to remind people that times haven’t changed,” one sign read. 

So using liberal logic, just as little boys can use the little girls’ room, nooses are now acceptable when protesting “racist”?white women. Right! Makes perfect sense.