Fifty years after one of the most heinous crimes of the civil rights movement occurred here, Philadelphia, Mississippi, has become an inspiration, thanks to decades of soul-searching, genuine reconciliation and, 10 years ago, a call for justice that finally, finally resulted in a conviction.

While far from perfection, race relations are more organic and we've outgrown a need for a "coalition" to plan a commemoration because strong friendships and relationships exist.

We are more comfortable in our own skin talking about the past, acknowledging the sin and looking foward at how we can all work together for a better Neshoba County, realizing we're all creatures of God.

Visitors from all around the world will be in Neshoba County this month to mark the June 21 anniversary, what many consider the Pearl Harbor of the civil rights movement.

Mt. Zion, which was burned by the Klan, along with the site of the murders, are hallowed ground to many, like Point du Hoc, Gettysburg or Arlington to other generations.

To our visitors, we say: Welcome! We hope you find our people to be pleasant and your stay genuinely enjoyable.