The recent death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia highlights the importance of this presidential election. We are only one liberal justice away from erasing the Second Amendment and other liberties if a Democrat is elected.

Many great candidates have been put forth in the Republican presidential race – each with their own specific strengths, but a few with profound and even dangerous weaknesses. 

At times, we’ve wished we could pick a characteristic from this candidate, another from that one and form the perfect nominee, but reality necessitates making a difficult decision between the choices as given.

One poll, the Ipsos/Reuters poll for Feb. 20 – 24, shows that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump 44% to 35%, with another 5% saying they don’t know, and 15% saying “neither” or that they wouldn’t vote. 

Trump will get slaughtered because the liberal media are going to turn on him. He’s been their darling all along. 

America is in crisis

America is in crisis. The sacred promises held out to future generations from the prior have never been more in jeopardy. Instead of more ordered individual freedom, prosperity and strength, America’s growing cultural divisiveness, economic disparities and sense of hopelessness are tearing into the very fabric of our social stability. 

We understand voters are angry and they want someone to speak truth boldly. So enter Trump, a life-long liberal suddenly turned “conservative,” a political phenomenon even the best political pundits can’t fully explain.

Trump consistently and very loudly makes huge claims which are often factually inaccurate, without flinching, without shame. He bullies challengers. 

In an in-depth investigative report, Gail Ablow observed on the Moyers & Company blog Saturday:

“With one outrageous comment after another he pulls the spotlight back to himself, dominating headlines and getting more than 30 percent more media coverage than all the other candidates. Call him a masterful politician, a marketing genius, a reality show star, a narcissist, a demagogue or a huckster. He is all those.”

John Kasich has run a positive, principled and consistent campaign. He hasn’t descended into the growing madness and accusatory tones that are an embarrassment to the Republican Party. 

Kasich has a track record

Kasich has a track record that is impressive and works. His is the story of someone consistently beating the odds and expectations of conventional wisdom. 

A governor such as Kasich with executive experience makes a better president. Governors understand the power of states to be innovators of public policy.

Mr. Kasich’s plan to transfer power over and federal funding for education, transportation and environmental regulation to the states cuts bureaucracy, shrinks the federal government, diminishes job-killing regulations and empowers states to address local challenges. 

Mr. Kasich’s record of accomplishments demonstrates his ability to address the fiscal challenges our nation faces. 

As governor of Ohio, Mr. Kasich moved the state from flat broke to a $2 billion surplus and has created 400,000 new jobs. While in Congress, he was part of balancing the budget, something that hasn’t been seen since.

In the debates and on the stump, Mr. Kasich has proven himself to be the adult in the room, addressing policy issues rather than engaging in silly insults, inspiring hope in our future rather than preying on fear, promoting an articulate plan to ensure the American Dream for current and future generations rather than pandering to the angry and often uncivil crowd.

Obama's failed promises

President Obama has infamously proclaimed he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and set about to “fundamentally change” a country that is, in his view and many on the left, defective in its very founding. 

So instead of building upon our past economic, political and social successes — advancing a new American century — this administration has been hell-bent on battering at our very foundations. 

We are less free, more corrupt, more highly indebted and a more divided country than ever. Only the power, proliferation and potency of government have grown — and the Democrats are running a socialist.

Socialism isn't about social issues

Numerous now are the many lemmings in our schools and in our lives at all levels who willingly embrace socialism.

Socialism isn’t about social issues, as some of the young Bernie Sanders followers apparently believe. Socialism is the left’s utopia, where the government takes care of everyone from cradle to grave, intruding into every aspect of life, taxing, regulating and denying liberties.

To be fair, both sides of the aisle have told lies, opting to make deals that have helped only a few at the great expense of many who are still struggling. 

We’ve kicked the can down the road, ensuring that the next crisis will only be exponentially worse than the last.

There's no political savior

Fixing America’s problems are going to require a sustained, consistent and principled effort over multiple decades and Kasich is the man.

However much we desperately crave the notion of a political savior like Trump, there is no quick solution, no easy answers – no superhero who can come to our rescue in one election alone. 

The person elected in November will still have to deal with a fractious Republican Congress. 

Claiming to be wise, we are becoming fools, David French observed this week in National Review, writing: “But here are some words the Apostle Paul used to describe the citizens of a godless age: ‘insolent,’ ‘haughty,’ ‘boastful,’ ‘faithless,’ ‘heartless,’ and ‘ruthless.’ These words read like a Trump personality profile. Moreover, the great sins of that age included not just indulging in those vices but also ‘giving approval to those who practice them.’”

Trump is appealing to the New York Democrats because he’s not for limited government or entitlement reform.

He’s a reality T.V. star and has monopolized the free media, putting forth no real clear policy proposals, unlike Kasich, Rubio and Cruz — and others like Jeb Bush.

Kasich’s career has spanned both public service and the private sector. After serving at 26 as the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate, he went on to serve nine terms in the U.S. House.

Kasich was a strong Reagan pointman

As a strong ally and pointman for President Reagan, he served 18 crucial years on the House Armed Services Committee.

His skill with fiscal issues also earned him the chairmanship of the House Budget Committee where he negotiated concessions with the Clinton administration over welfare reform and other budgetary matters, culminating in the passage of the Balance Budget Act of 1997. 

In 2010, Kasich ran for Ohio Governor – testing the political climate of his troubled home state that grew weary, having fallen into fiscal and political disarray after supporting a spat of liberal politicians, including the critical votes the swing-state provided in electing President Obama. 

In his first election, Kasich won 63 out of 88 counties – an impressive win if not for the fact he was re-elected in 2014 overwhelmingly winning 86 out of 88 counties – including districts and areas that were Democratic strongholds.

People who have worked alongside the Governor have noted his deep and abiding Christian faith and love of country. 

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also represents the future hope of American and we would embrace a Kasich-Rubio ticket. They would be the Republican dream team in a general election, securing the important states of Ohio and Florida.

On March 8, vote John Kasich for President in the GOP primary.