Citizens around the state are still complaining about the lengthy wait for driver’s licenses, especially those who need to test a teen.

“It’s like a lot of people. Like, it’s packed. Like, it’s people sitting on the floor,” said Jamarious Jiles after leaving the Pearl Driver’s License location in January. The 18-year-old shared the same disgust as motorists in the crowded Jackson office. And people in Philadelphia are upset about closures here.

The Philadelphia driver’s license office is one of several in the state that has been closed recently due to staff shortages. 

In just less than a week, the Department of Public Safety Tweeted closings here. “The Kiln, Philadelphia, Walnut Grove and Kosciusko DL Stations will be closed today due to personnel shortage,” they said. Six days later, DPS Tweeted: “The Kiln and Philadelphia DL Stations will be closed today due to personnel shortage.”

Capt. Johnny Poulos with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety said the problem is not just in Philadelphia.

“It’s an ongoing issue we’ve had around the state,” he said. 

Poulos said they do not have enough personnel to operate every office in the state. He said the administration is working to address the personnel shortage and put other things in place. 

Opening more locations or hiring more people is logical.

Unlike many states, Mississippi does not have a dedicated Department of Motor Vehicles. Driver and vehicle services are shared between the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (drivers licenses and permits) and the Mississippi State Tax Commission (vehicle title and registrations).

We’re not advocating for more government bureaucracy, but getting a driver’s license should be a lot easier.