Much love and effort have gone into raising the $500,000 needed to build the Diamond Dreams League field under construction at Northside Park.

A T-ball field is being totally redone to meet the needs of special friends as young as four, a true testament to the goodness of our community.

To accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, special rubberized turf will be put down for the playing surface.

Wheelchairs and walkers will be able to be used after a rain and falls won’t be so hard.

New stands with handicap ramps will be installed and the bathrooms will be redone to ADA standards. 

The league has grown from 11 participants its first season to more than 70 last year. Children from five counties participate in the league.  

The season runs from September to early October and officials expect the field to be ready this year. 

Last year about this time, supporters were selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a painting of the Neshoba County Fairgrounds, thanks to the generosity of Neshoba County artist Justin Donald. 

Large and small the support has come.

In June, supporters were selling Diamond Dream bracelets. “If you’d like some to sell or just want some for yourself, comment or message us!! $2 each,” a social media post said.

In April, Miss Neshoba County Anna Bowen was at Bloomo Junction for a fundraiser.

“All the tips I make for the night will be donated to support these wonderful children and their efforts to build a baseball field to meet their special needs,” she said.

League participant Kolby Buffington told the Democrat last summer he is excited about the chance to play on the new field. “I just like to play,” Buffington said, which should make all of our hearts glad.

The first crack of the bat this September on the new Diamond Dreams field will be something to see if only to witness the pure joy on the faces of the participants.