Senate Republicans will face a crucial vote or votes before week's end that could determine the relevancy of the Grand Old Party.

With public opinion polls showing overwhelming opposition to ObamaCare, the test will be whether the GOP can pull off a principled vote or votes to, in effect, defund the behemoth legislation that is the single biggest job killer ever in America.

From labor unions to Main Street, Americans are opposed. Keep the government funded, but defund ObamaCare. Reform healthcare in a bipartisan way, but defund ObamaCare.

Senate Republicans have a chance to stand on principle like the House did in ultimately listening to the American people.

Younger Senate Republicans committed to more fiscal responsibility face resistance from established members who enjoy Washington's cozy club mentality.

Democrats are using the same old worn out playbook painting Republicans as evil. Tell us why ObamaCare is a good thing.

Instead, they're calling the opposition "Tea Party anarchy," a hijacking of the GOP. Nancy Pelosi spews "legislative arsonists."

The President called the opposition extortion, but we call it the American political system, brilliantly designed by the Founders to keep government in check and to decentralize authority in any one person.

Acting against government from a restless and turbulent anti-monarchical spirit is in America's DNA. American Presidents don't enjoy preeminent or supreme power. The people do!

Keep fighting!

Stand behind the House. Stand behind the American people.

Stand on principle. Reform healthcare.

Fund government. Defund ObamaCare.