Simply reporting any crime or any suspicious activity is what a group of Philadelphia residents is encouraging citizens to do in the wake of yet more crime and violence in the city.

Reporting crime may sound like a simple premise, but some are fearful to do so because of the fear of retaliation, a fear which must be overcome.

The rising tide of violence remains disturbing, with the 16th shooting in six months reported last week.

On top of that, a juvenile is suspected of starting a fire that destroyed the concession stand at Philadelphia High School.

Arson is suspected as well in another fire across town the same morning.

The bad guys are burning down and shooting up the city, it seems, and we ask how so in this great little small town of Philadelphia.

People with steady jobs aren't usually the culprits, so there's a hint.

It's not the educated family and church man committing crimes.

The problem begins at home very young and eventually spreads like cancer to the schools. Then, barely educated, the violence explodes like it has, perhaps out of frustration over the cycle of poverty.

Personal responsibility is a foreign notion. Survival is the game, and that leads to all sorts of woes.

The politicians can't fix it with government programs, but they can maintain law and order and get tougher on crime.

Mayor James A Young, at a march the other week, mused that, overall in the country, including Philadelphia, "it seems to be an unraveling of the moral respect for life."

He's correct. Just look at Planned Parenthood and all the legal murders they are committing through abortion.

An unraveling of the moral respect for life is absolutely correct, but we digress.

Crime is now a serious problem in Philadelphia that left unaddressed - combined with the recent tax hike and continuing budget deficits - will bankrupt the city both morally and fiscally.

Hiring a competent and experienced leader for the police department has never been more important.

The need for Christian charity has never been more evident. Jesus said to a crowd of followers, "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst."

Very simply, here's how we solve the crime problem: Church, family, education, job. Repeat.