Cyrus Ben was sworn in last week as the fifth chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. We expect to see great things on the Reservation as a result of his sweeping victory.

“We as a Tribe have achieved greatness and many successes and I look forward to continuing our self-determination and working for greater success for all of our people,” he said. “I look forward to leading our great Tribe and its members.”

He credited “the voice and will of the people” with his victory, saying voters were “ready to make a change in leadership for the betterment of all of the Tribe.”

Nicknamed “Bull,” Ben is respected throughout the Tribe as a family man, a business owner and Tribal Council member.

Mentored by the late Chief Phillip Martin, he’s intimately familiar with the  Choctaw self-determination that propelled Chief Martin to great things.

Chief Martin’s Choctaw self-determination is what ultimately brought the Tribe to its success today. We expect Ben to restore some of the successes.

For those who may not know Chief Ben very well, we’ve asked around and have some insight of our own.

Cyrus Ben is s a Godly man, humble, has a quiet temperament, speaks softly, yet he carries a big stick.

He has placed high importance on ensuring the Choctaw language survives from generation to generation.

Ben has a good relationship with the Philadelphia business and political community. He’s an avid hunter and hunts anything and everything. Hunters need patience and discipline, both good traits for a Chief.

Chief Ben has coached youth sports and is always said to be taking time to help others. Now, he has the grand opportunity to lead the Tribe to even greater things

Ben took a significant risk, campaigning simply on respect, fairness, equality, accountability, efficiency, support and appreciation. He deserves our full support.