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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 6:00 PM
“Politics are many things to many people,” writes William Peart in his Capitoliazations column in the Jackson Daily News in 1963, “To some, they’re fully serious – a way of life, to phrase it tiredly. To others, they’re a part time circus – intriguing, of course, but comical, too.”
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/2nd Timothy 3:1-5
    In this passage Paul laments the plague of nominal Christianity. Nominal means in name only, those who are in the church and profess to belong to Christ, but do not really belong. Paul summarizes the condition in the last of the passage: “Having a form of godliness but denying its power.” By power, Paul means the power to live a humble, godly life.
  • OCT. 16, 1936

    With the November general elections less than three weeks off, voters of Neshoba County might well begin to consider what will appear on the ballots on November 3. Here is an item on which the Democratic voters of Neshoba County will cast their ballots: 1. Name a set of Democratic electors who will, in turn, cast their vote for Franklin D. Roosevelt for President and for John Garner for Vice-President of the United States.
  • LOWRY/Evangelicals without standards
    Lanny Davis must be dizzy from the deja vu.

    Davis was a stalwart defender of Bill Clinton during the scandals of the 1990s. Little did he know that the excuses and rationalizations made for Clinton then would be repurposed by some of Clinton’s harshest and most moralistic critics for a Republican presidential contender.
  • BROOKS/The beauty of big books
    Not long ago, an astonishing book landed on my desk. It’s called “Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan” and it weighs in at an impressive 1,076 pages. The author is Anthony Kronman, a former dean of the Yale Law School.

    In an age of academic specialization, this is an epically ambitious book. In an age when intellectuals have lost their sense of high calling, this is an intellectual adventure story based on the notion that ideas drive history, and that to dedicate yourself to them is to live a bigger, more intense life.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/2nd Timothy 2:23-26
    In Paul’s instructions to Timothy he continues to direct Timothy to focus on what is vital. He tells Timothy to not engage in foolish and stupid arguments because they produce quarrels (verse 23). Paul isn’t talking necessarily in this case about heretical teaching, but of those within the church who wish to exalt themselves by making fine points of doctrine that aren’t central to the Christian gospel. They are looking for argument and Timothy isn’t to indulge them because it can lead to wrecking the harmony of the church over peripheral issues.
  • OCT. 23, 1936

    Neshoba County won second place in the State’s Premier corn show in the county competition. Lee County won first place.

    Neshoba County has won honors in previous years in corn production contests.
  • LOWRY/The agony of the Republicans
    Less than a month before the election, the Republican speaker of the House says he won’t defend or campaign with his party’s presidential nominee. The nominee has responded by slamming the speaker on Twitter, and his campaign manager is accusing some (unnamed) elected Republicans of sexual harassment against her.
  • BROOKS/Trump’s sad, lonely life
    The point of town hall debates is that regular voters get to ask questions. In every town hall I’ve seen, the candidate turns to the voter, listens attentively and directs the answer at least partially back to that person.

    The candidates do that because it’s polite, because it looks good to be seen taking others seriously and because most of us instinctively want to make some connection with the people we are talking to.
  • OCT. 2, 1936

    Messrs. T. N. Crockett, R. H. Peebles and F. L. Grubbs have been recently named as Election Commissioners of Neshoba County, according to announcement. Appointments of election commissioners are made by three state officers.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/2nd Timothy 2:22
    Our verse reads: “Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” Paul gives this exhortation to Timothy in the context of warning him about false teachers and those who profess to follow God but are not fruitful. He doesn’t give many specifics about false teachers but a common characteristic is that they and their followers still live by the principle of vanity.
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