Two people were arrested Saturday after a vehicle struck a woman off of Highway 491 south and shots were fired.

 One of those arrested was the driver of the vehicle, while the other was the mother of the woman who fired a shot at the car that struck her daughter.

Jonathan Shay Kilcrease, 33, of Road 412 was arrested Saturday near a residence on Highway 491 south for aggravated assault after he struck the victim with the vehicle he was driving.

After the vehicle struck the victim, the victim’s mother, Linda Calvert, 57, 14350 Highway 491 south fired a shot at the vehicle and she was subsequently arrested by the Neshoba County Sheriff’s office for aggravated assault.

Investigator Derek Wyatt said that Kilcrease is being charged with intentionally using his vehicle to strike the victim. Wyatt further said that it appears the mother may have been trying to defend her daughter when she fired at the vehicle being driven by Kilcrease. The victim was not severely injured by Kilcrease’s vehicle.

In other sheriff’s office cases:

• A burglary was reported Monday that occurred over the weekend at a residence off of Highway 488. Wyatt said that the victim reported that a weed eater and a pole saw were stolen from the residence. Wyatt also said that these same two items have been stolen before from the same victim and recovered by the sheriff’s office.

• The theft of a 5’ by 8’ trailer was reported from a residence located on Road 387 Saturday. Wyatt said there are currently no suspects in the crime.