A Philadelphia woman was told her grandson had been locked up in a foreign country and needed bail money, so police are warning of the scam in which she sent funds.

On Aug. 14 police received a report of a resident being contacted by an unknown individual asking for money on behalf of the woman’s grandson, said Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers.

The suspects contacted the victim and told her that her grandson had been locked up in a foreign country and requested money to bail him out, Myers said.

The victim did send an undisclosed amount of money to the location requested, Myers said.

There are no suspects, he said.

Myers also noted that citizens have been receiving calls from individuals claiming that the victims have old fines and that they will be arrested if they are not paid.

“We are asking people, if they receive a phone call from someone requesting that they send money somewhere not to send money and to contact law enforcement,” Myers said.

Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell has also received reports of area residents receiving calls from scammers claiming to be IRS agents requesting unpaid tax monies or other liabilities. Waddell said that citizens should contact police if they receive any such suspicious calls.

In other police news:

• Christy N. Joiner, 35, 11061 Road 834 was arrested for credit card fraud Aug. 13.

According to the PPD, she used another person’s credit card to pay for a phone bill. According to the report, Joiner admitted taking the victim’s credit card information and using it to pay the bill.

• A burglary was reported Aug. 15 at a residence off of Columbus Avenue. According to the victim, a generator, $200 in cash and a hammer was stolen from the residence and an outbuilding on the property. The residence was vacant at the time of the burglary.