Three juveniles have been arrested and charged in connection with a house burglary that left extensive damage to the interior of the home.

Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark said that investigators Josh Burt and Gordon Adkins charged three juveniles with house burglary and burglary of a shed in connection with a Jan. 4 break-in on County Road 1535 north of Burnside.

Clark said the juveniles appeared to be after some jewelry from inside the house.

Clark said that on Jan. 4, a resident of County Road 1535 returned home to find their home had been burglarized. Clark said that the suspects did extensive damage to the house.

“The interior of the home received heavy damage to include overturned furniture, damage to interior doors from being forced open and light fixtures ripped form ceilings,” Clark said. “Two outbuildings were burglarized with walls and ceilings being spray painted.” 

He said the home and both buildings were damaged due to being spray painted. Deputies recovered a suitcase containing the jewelry from a nearby hiding place.