His Scots-Irish ancestry has always intrigued Greg Jackson so he decided to visit Scotland and Ireland on two different vacation trips.  His first journey was to Ireland which he thoroughly enjoyed exploring on a previous vacation.  This May he set out to visit Scotland.

Greg's Scotland flight was delayed at London's Heathrow Airport where he passed some of the time reading about the wedding of Prince William and Meaghan Markle in a London newspaper. He finally reached the enchanted cobbled lanes of mystical Edinburgh, Scotland for a couple of days of exploration.  The ancient heritage of the capitol city focuses on the elevated Castle Rock and the Edinburgh Castle fortress.  After touring the castle, and taking an afternoon excursion to the nearby exquisitely detailed Rossylin Chapel where the Da Vinci Code movie was filmed, he wandered upward to Calton Hill.  Calton Hill overlooks the city and surrounding countryside. The view was spectacular.  He finished the day with a delectable dinner of fresh Atlantic seafood in the New Town District.

Next was an excursion north to the famous St. Andrews Golf Course, the home of golf, where many golfing greats have played through the years.  A scenic drive through the Scottish Highland where the Scottish Clans lived and ruled centuries ago was fascinating.  Greg wanted to try the infamous local dish known as haggis with a meal.  Haggis traditionally is a savory pudding containing sheep's heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onions, oatmeal, and spices and stock.  It was encased in the animal's stomach, though now it is usually in an artificial casing.  You can see why it took some courage to try this dish!

A trip to Scotland must include a journey through the vast lochs and glens of the Highlands which have so much history of the battles between the different Clans. Especially notable were the Eilean Donan Castle ruins and views of Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, with the winter snow still capping its peak.  The travelers enjoyed a roadside serenade of bagpipes which was an unexpected delight.

The final days were based in Glasgow with trips to Stirling Castle, the Royal residence, which was once the seat of Scottish royalty, including Mary, Queen of Scots. The week of touring ended with a trip through the Glengoyne Whiskey Distillery operations, and a home- cooked meal in a family's 15th century farm house on the shores of Loch Ard with tales of Rob Roy and William Wallace.  Greg found Scotland full of rugged land, beautiful architecture, and Scottish people who welcomed them with warmth and friendliness. He brought back many memories to share and visit when he is sitting in his home here in Philadelphia.


A precious baby girl made her grand debut into a world surrounded with love from her family who had been waiting for her appearance.  Katherine Renea Tinsley arrived on August 8, 2018 where she was joyfully greeted by her parents, Thomas and Anna Katherine Tinsley.  She is a beauty!  Her Philadelphia grandparents are Mike and Tracy Lancaster Tinsley who are so proud of their first grandchild. Congratulations!


The new pastor at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Father Darnis, who came to Holy cross in July from South Dakota, experienced his first Neshoba County Fair on Sunday evening when he celebrated mass at the Tullos cabin on the Fairgrounds.  The occasion was well attended and has become something of a tradition for those who cannot get into town on Sundays during the Fair. Those attending were grateful to the family for having Father Darnis and the service in their cabin.  It was a totally different environment for Father Darnis!


Monday evening of the Neshoba Country Fair in the Thomasson cabin, over 90 people gathered for a surprise retirement party honoring Jane Thomas.  Jane had worked for the Thomasson Lumber Company for thirty five and one half years.  She had asked Pat Thomasson not to do anything special, but Pat thought Jane deserved a going away party, so she planned a surprise for her.  It was truly a surprise!  

The guests came from all over the area and even from Louisiana to consume the abundance of fabulous Fair food and enjoy the evening.  Jane was so surprised and happy to be honored in such a fun way.  Among the guests were her sisters, Judy Bates from Philadelphia and Joyce Bicker of Byrum; her daughter, Rachel Thomas of Ole Miss and her friend, Jordan Wilkes from Oxford.  Her niece, Jennifer Gresett, came from Lake, Mississippi to help celebrate.

Now that she is retired, Jane said her husband, Steve, is going to teach her how to help run their chicken houses!  Jane wanted to say what a privilege it had been to work for Hugh, Helen, and Pat Thomasson. Hugh and Helen finished raising her, since she was so young when she started working for the company.  Pat was like a sister and Brent Gray a big brother.  It was a wonderful place to work for so many years. She will miss them.  I hope she will enjoy being a poultry farmer during the next chapter of her life!