Megan Staats and Jeremy Apperson hadn’t even been laid to rest last week when we suggested that overcoming evil with good is a proper response to their horrific deaths in that absurd convenience store armed robbery on Aug. 25.

Launching into a loud tirade about the failures of government, the prison system and the corruption of mankind and our depravity as human beings didn’t seem quite appropriate as families and friends prepared to memorialize their loved ones.

But that didn’t mean we were not mad as hell like everyone else.

We’ve had a week to stew.

The real outrage is HB 585 passed in 2014 modifying the state’s Early Release Supervision program administered by the state Department of Corrections.

The original statute passed in 1995 under Gov. Fordice required 85 percent of a prison sentences to be completed. HB 585 changed those numbers to 50 percent for violent offenders and only 25 percent for non-violent offenders.

“This is the worst bill I have ever seen passed since I have been in law enforcement,” Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers said. “The goal was to lower the prison population but it just ends up putting more bad guys on the street.”

The alleged killer of Staats and Apperson would still be in prison without that GOP-led beauty in 2014 that amounts to being horribly, horribly, outrageously soft on crime while trusting MDOC bureaucrats.

We’ve called for better leadership elsewhere on the page and we mean it — and it doesn’t mean voting Democrat either.

That horrific scene has shaken everybody in town, especially those who responded and the families who have an empty seat at the supper table.

It’s unfathomable the alleged killer was even out.

Let’s be outraged about that!