A hearing to gain public comment on a fiscal 2013 budget for the city is set for 6 p.m. tonight at City Hall, although the Mayor and Board of Aldermen has yet to agree on one.

During the Aug. 21 meeting, aldermen voted 3-2 for a $7,469,673 overall general fund budget which reflected a $22,577 shortfall with Alderman-at-Large Janice Payne and Ward 4 Aldermen Cecil Nichols voting against it.

Mayor James A. Young, however, vetoed the budget, saying it would be a "travesty down the road" because of "unrealistic" 6 percent cuts to public safety and other areas.

Last week, Young proposed his own budget to the Board of Aldermen, which showed $7,495,473 in revenue and $7,683,418 in expenditures. That proposal reflects a nearly $188,000 shortfall.

Aldermen took no action last week on either proposals.