The full-scale exodus to the famed Neshoba County fairgrounds will be well underway this weekend. Mississippi’s “Giant Houseparty” officially opens Monday, although there will be programs Saturday and Sunday by eight riding clubs of this area.

Although this is not an election year in Mississippi, the fair will take on a political air Wednesday and Thursday. Gov. George Wallace of Alabama will be here Wednesday and Barry Goldwater Jr. on Thursday, plus all the state politicians somewhere on the program.

The post office here is being repaired on the outside with new plaster. In our opinion, the exposed brick are much better looking than the plaster. Wonder if something couldn’t be done to leave the brick exposed? But I suppose the federal government doesn’t want anything exposed, especially since the Bobby Baker, Billie Sol Estes scandals and Lyndon Johnson’s voting record as a U.S. Senator.

The national administration has accused Barry Goldwater of capturing the Republican Party. Wish the administration could get accused of capturing something like a few Communists in Viet Nam, law violators on the streets of New York, Rochester and Jersey City and the Justice Department from Martin Luther King.

Lots of people seem to be anxious to see if the Mississippi Democrats are sincere to their desire to help defeat Lyndon Johnson in November. If a deal has been made to put two slates of Democrat electors on the ballot, thereby splitting Goldwater’s votes, there’ll be a mighty large number of unhappy Mississippians. Everybody knows that if the present national administration is returned to office, this will be our last chance ever to have an opportunity to elect a conservative.

We hope the powers that be in this state are as sincere as Gov. Wallace was when he withdrew his name as a candidate for President. The trouble with politics is that there are too many deals made to get votes and favors. It’s certainly no secret that last year’s state elections were conducted on a “defeat Lyndon Johnson-Bobby Kennedy” basis, and the citizens of this state will be betrayed if that cause is dropped at this time.