July 9, 1964

Sorry to hear that Mrs. Walker Jones had to make a hurried trip to an eye doctor in Cincinnati this week. We hope it’s not serious and she’s back shortly and in better health than ever.

We have received so much mail in the past three weeks that we hadn’t had time to read all of it. And some of it is really surprising, too. Of course there are many letters from citizens in other parts of the country sympathizing with us and who know the real picture here and one of those was from a Negro law student in Brooklyn who said “if those do-gooders would come to Brooklyn and ride the late commuter train with him, they would be convinced that segregation is morally correct.”

We also got one from a self-styled clairvoyant in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, who described the house the three missing “civil rights” workers were being held. The only catch was that it didn’t say the house was in Mississippi or New York.

My mother always said not to worry about the falsehoods that others said about you; that it was the truth that really hurt. That may be true about an individual, but the misleading, untrue, and deliberate falsehoods that the Northern press print about our section is hard to overlook. Some of the stories that have been written by visiting reporters are so ridiculous we wonder how those fellows can go home and face their own families knowing they have smeared a people unmercifully, merely to sell their newspapers for a few cents.