Search continues for missing 'rights' men
Front page story on July 16, 1964

Philadelphia and Neshoba County have quieted down considerably and has maintained its normal pace for the past two weeks following the hectic days following the discovery of the burned car of the three missing “civil rights” workers here on June 23.

The only visible signs of any search or investigation going on is the occasional U. S. Navy buses going through the city to search areas and the presence of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in an around the county.

The three missing members of the “summer project” of COFO, Michael Schwerner, Andy Goodman, and Meridian Negro James Chaney, have not been heard from since they were arrested for speeding on Sunday, June 21, by Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price.

The search has spread over Mississippi and adjoining states, but it appears that the investigation is centered around the questioning of many persons in this area by the FBI agents.

No leads to any clues which might lead to an arrest have been announced by officers.