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  • The mother of a civil rights worker murdered here 40 years ago this week said at a commemoration on Sunday she never thought she would be happy to be in Neshoba County.
  • I have always believed in my hometown and I have believed deeply in my state, so I was not among those who thought Sunday would never come. To me, it was just a matter of when.
  • Excerpts from remarks made by Gov. Haley Barbour on June 20:

    It is all together fitting and proper for us to be here today to remember a terribly evil event. I'd say Mississippi is a wonderful place and America is the greatest and best country in the history of the world. Early on, philosophers like Alex de Tocqueville recognized that American is great because its people endure. American's greatness results from the people's goodness and so shall it ever be. Unless we forget, evil things can and do happen in good places and in great countries. To remember that openly and honestly is a deterrent against other future evils. When John Winthrop wrote that the new land for which he was leading his band of devout Christian settlers should be like the Biblical city on a hill, he not only meant it should be a positive earthly example to all around it, he also meant that the community would and should be totally open to observation and scrutiny so that all living in Massachusetts Bay colonies would conduct themselves as if every deed would be seen by their neighbors, friends and foes as well as by Almighty God.
  • Leslie McLemore wants to use the Philadelphia Coalition’s efforts in Neshoba County as a statewide model for racial reconciliation and problem-solving.
  • Lee Cole, a lifelong member of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, remains hopeful that his grandchildren will never experience the horrors of a society divided by color.
  • Katherine Cecil may have been raised over a thousand miles from Philadelphia, Mississippi, but she was still able to comprehend the significance of the positive tenor present in Sunday’s activities.
  • Seven-year-old De’Andre Cole stared in amazement at his great-grandfather’s picture displayed on the bulletin board in the front foyer of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.
  • A throng of media crowded into City Hall to cover the press conference calling for justice in the 1964 civil rights murders.
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